Гарди в седле (1939)

The Hardys Ride High
Гарди в седле

Рейтинг IMDB: 6.8 (239 голосов)

Оригинальный слоган It's Hardy Family Fun Again !
Жанр Комедия
Хронометраж 1 ч. 21 мин.
Режиссер Seitz, George B.
Премьера 21 апреля 1939 г.
Киностудия Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Страна США
Продюсер Ostrow, Lou L.
Оператор White, Lenny
Композитор Snell, David
Альтернативные названия André Hardy millionnaire, Hardys... Milionários

Рейтинг IMDB: 6.8 (239 голосов)


Sixth of the Judge Hardy series. Judge James K. Hardy is brought the fabulous news from attorney George Irving, that he could be the heir to 2 million dollars. In order to claim the inheritance, he and his family must leave for Detroit. The disinherited heir Philip 'Phil' Westcott, adopted son of the deceased relative, has to leave the fabulous mansion Detroit. But the playboy Phil ain't going down without a fight. He decides on a charm offensive. First with Polly Benedict and foremost Andrew 'Andy' Hardy, the son of Judge Hardy. Various complications follow.