Молодой Хоук (1964)

Youngblood Hawke
Молодой Хоук

Рейтинг IMDB: 6.1 (248 голосов)

Оригинальный слоган The International Jet Set...and Youngblood Hawke belonged. All the way from a Kentucky shack to the black-tie intimacies of a Fifth Avenue penthouse.
Жанр Драма
Хронометраж 2 ч. 17 мин.
Режиссер Дэлмер Дэйвс
Премьера 4 ноября 1964 г.
Киностудия Warner Bros.
Страна США
Сценарий Герман Вук, Дэлмер Дэйвс
Продюсер Дэлмер Дэйвс
Оператор Чарльз Лоутон мл.
Композитор Макс Штайнер

Рейтинг IMDB: 6.1 (248 голосов)


Arthur Hawke works as a coal truck driver in Kentucky, he in the process trying to protect his widowed mother Sarah Hawke's property rights against his wealthy and cutthroat paternal uncles' mineral rights. Sarah, however, may be more astute in the matters of business than her son. In his spare time, Arthur is writing a novel under the pen name Youngblood Hawke, it, his first, which he is able to sell to a New York publishing house. As such, Arthur moves to New York City while he works on the necessary rewrites and contemplates his next novel, which he knows can and will pour out of him.


Альтернативные названия O Preço da Ambição, Una mujer espera, Scandalo in società, Febre de Viver, Arthur Hawke - Ein Mann kam nach New York, Ein Mann kam nach New York