Сёрен Балле

Сёрен Балле
Имя на английском Søren Balle
Первый фильм 2009
Последний фильм 2013
Карьера Режиссёр


Søren Balle (1978) has a degree in direction from The National Film School of Denmark (2009). Along with this, Søren also has a bachelor’s degree in film and media studies from Aarhus University.

Søren made his feature film debut with Film Maker’s THE SUNFISH which was nominated for both a Robert and Bodil for best Danish film in 2015. Søren was – as the only debutant – nominated as best director at the Robert awards in 2015. Currently, Søren is directing several episodes of Danmarks Radio’s drama series BEDRAGET, and TV2’s new crime series NORSKOV. At Filmmaker, Søren is developing his next feature film, THE WORLD CHAMPION, in collaboration with screenwriters Christopher Örnfelt and Joachim Nielsen.


2005 – 2009 Director’s Programme

– The National Film School of Denmark
2004 – 2005 Supplementary Training Degree

- Danish School of Media and Journalism
2003 – 2004 Masters Programme in Film Aesthetics
and Experimental Foundations

– University of Texas, Austin
2000 – 2003 Bachelor in Film and Media Studies

– Aarhus University

Фильмография: режиссёр

2016 Обман (сериал) Jensen, Esben Smed, Madueño, Natalie, Томас Бо Ларсен , ещё Детектив, Драма, Криминал, Триллер Дания 0.0000
2013 Рыба-солнце Драма, Комедия Дания 0.0000
2009 Tomat-princippet Комедия, Короткометражка Дания 0.0000